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Being my own boss

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? How does it feel to work for yourself?

Being an entrepreneur/freelance often holds a unique meaning for each of us, with various routes and reasons leading us to choose this path. I appreciate the idea that our individual journeys into entrepreneurship are influenced by the "why" behind our decision.

In my case, it wasn't so much a choice as it was a necessity. During the pandemic, I found myself without a job, struggling to make ends meet. I felt disposable, vulnerable and disconnected from the world, and the overwhelming uncertainty led me to spend every minute of every day searching for employment. Unable to sustain the life I had built far from home, I had to come back in order to catch a breath.

After identifying this visceral feeling of not wanting to return in the corporate circus, being my own boss became the obvious alternative. It was not an easy choice nor the journey a walk in the park, but so far it has been the best thing I did for my sacred mental health. Without the help and the love of my friends and family - to whom I forever grateful - this change would not have been possible. Let me share three things I love about this new way of working:

🖤 As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to manage my time. Working for myself has allowed me to structure my life in a way that aligns with my personal preferences and choices. No longer bound by rigid schedules or the demands of others, I can allocate my time as I see fit. I can take breaks whenever and however I desire. Recognizing that time is the most valuable currency, I understand that it is too precious to waste on people or companies that drain my energy.

🖤 Additionally, being an entrepreneur empowers me to reclaim my energy. Instead of investing my efforts solely into someone else's vision or goals, I now channel my passion and dedication toward building and growing my own projects. This enables me to direct my energy toward the things that truly resonate with me. Having the ultimate say in where and how I invest my energy has significantly improved my life.

🖤 Furthermore, becoming an entrepreneur has provided me with the opportunity to reclaim my life. Rather than conforming to predetermined paths or settling for a predefined trajectory, I have become the architect of my own destiny. I have the autonomy to make decisions, whether they turn out to be good or bad, that shape not only my professional journey but also my personal growth and fulfillment. It allows me to give meaning or choose to not give meaning to whatever I am working on.

Taking a solo approach to work has granted me the freedom to forge my own path, pursue my passions, and lead a life that aligns with my own vision and aspirations. Choosing this path has not been without challenges, but it has compelled me to undertake the necessary self-work that I had postponed for many years. My next piece will be about the challenges of being your own boss.

Fatima 💫

The Grey Space of Mind


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