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Fleishman is in trouble - TV Show

Drama - 2022

Synopsis: "Toby Fleishman, a recently divorced forty-something, finds himself immersed in the world of app-based dating. But as he begins to find successes he never found in his youth, his ex-wife Rachel disappears without a trace, leaving him with their kids. As he balances looking after his children, a promotion at the hospital where he works, and all the women in Manhattan, he realizes that he'll never be able to figure out what happened to his wife until he can be more honest about what happened to their marriage in the first place."

Watch until the end before forming any opinion...

PK REVIEW: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

What a magnificent way to end 2022 than to watch this amazing tv show. The writing is impeccable (it’s based on a book) and the narration is really engaging. If you want to have a deep dive on marriage, career, love, friendships, kids, breakdowns, crisis and life, well this one has it all. It’s beautifully shot in New York City and the cinematography is perfect. It’s not about likability, finding the characters lovable, it’s more about accepting the duality within us: the light and the darkness. I cried a lot and you probably will too. And of course, they named Adam Brody, Seth… Enjoy!


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