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Speak No Evil - Movie

HORROR - 2022

Synopsis: "On a vacation in Toscana, a Danish family instantly becomes friends with a Dutch family. Months later, the Danish couple receives an unexpected invitation. It doesn't take long before the joy of reunion is replaced with misunderstandings."

Small talk will have you killed...


If you are not a big fan of horror movies or you are too sensitive, beware and proceed with caution. This movie will make you uncomfortable so get ready for the ride. You will either regret watching it or tell all your friends to watch it. It has the same vibes as Hereditary but a hundred times creepier. The movie is dealing with the small talk syndrome we are condemned to if we don’t expand our minds. The risk of living and breathing small talk culture is that anyone voicing a different opinion becomes suddenly very attractive. The Danish and the Dutch cultures are brought together for this movie. I am not an expert in Dutch cultures but the lack of communication of Scandinavian is no secret to me. How you literally get your whole family into a crazy situation because of niceties and not following/trusting your guts…


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