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Take Your Pills: Xanax - Documentary

Documentary (Netflix - 2022)

Synopsis: "A cure for some and a curse for others, widely prescribed anti-anxiety medication is examined by patients and experts."

The medications that don't heal

PK REVIEW: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Good documentary about how a temporary prescription became another vitamine like complement for many people. One of the person in the doc has shown extreme behaviors due to the withdrawal of Xanax. We learn that people are learning to come off those drugs that were over prescribed since the 80's. It's not a medication that is safe for everyone and it was never designed to be taken for more than a month but still people are taking it every day. We learn about the lack of resilience due to those drugs that numb patients from feeling anxious and possibly learning from it instead of dismissing it with medication.

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