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The Menu - Movie

HORROR - 2022

Synopsis: "The film, penned by Will Tracy and Seth Reiss, "focuses on a young couple who visits an exclusive destination restaurant on a remote island where the acclaimed chef has prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with some shocking surprise. "Deadline notes, "Fiennes plays the world-class chef who sets it all up and adds some unexpected ingredients to the menu planned. The action follows one particular A-list couple that takes part. I've heard Stone will play half of that couple.""

"EAT THE RICH" but in a rich and privileged way...


I definitely invite you to watch The Menu to form your own opinion. But I am underwhelmed because it saw so many good critics. I maybe had too high expectations. I maybe should have savored the movie like a meal I never tasted before. It felt like I was watching a movie made of all the juicy parts that work in many movies and they were brought together to create this "masterpiece" movie but I am not convinced… There isn’t enough time to build the effect it intended to create in regards of the final scene. There were so many occasions to build this tension and sense of urgency but it fell flat for me. Not a big fan of Ralph Fiennes’s performance in this movie but thank god we have Anya Taylor-Joy who basically carries the whole movie on her shoulders (2 stars are solely for her). The « eat the rich » (not literally + literally) vibe the movie tries to convey as a societal/social critic is quite pathetic, if you ask me. We were served "purgatory for my conscience" while justice was not served, once again, welcome into the world of the powerful who will pay a chef a fortune only to bruise his ego when they don't remember the dishes. I mean they added some spices, of course, but not enough...


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