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Welcome on The Grey Space of Mind!

Hello everyone, my name is Fatima (@fatijaoui) and my website is all about dealing the grey area of life. In a world that wants us to choose sides and cancel each other at the first mistake, I choose to look at the grey area and focus on the the beauty of it. I will conduct my conversation in a friendly setting during podcast sessions. I actively choose to be vulnerable and I am always open to learn.

You will find a diversity of content on this page. First of all, I will share my short stories and creative writing with you. You will also be able to have access to my Poppe Kulture content regarding movies and tv shows I am watching. The Blog is a great way for me to share my opinion and point of view with you. Looking forward to exchanging with you. In the mean time, I hope you will enjoy this website. 

I will soon introduce my team of contributors so stay tune for a diversity of new content!


Thank you for reading me,


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