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Movie Review - Tár

Drama - Music

PK REVIEW: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This film is quite unsettling, which is precisely why it demands a second viewing. The topics explored are controversial and deeply intriguing. The protagonist's predicament arises from a system that's elevated artists to the status of modern-day deities, allowing them to flout rules without fear of repercussions. One can't help but sympathize with Tár, despite her reprehensible conduct, because she played by the rules from the outset. Yet, she's stripped of her status, leaving her to grapple with the fallout of her actions.

The issue of indulging geniuses remains a pertinent topic that needs to be discussed. Who gets to bask in the limelight, and who's thrown under the bus? When does one's talent cease to be a safeguard against repercussions? Cancel culture reminds us that those in power may not possess any exceptional abilities but are rather well-connected individuals who know how to play the game. It prompts us to question the legitimacy of people in high places because they may have gotten there without putting in the hard work. Tár invented a persona to fit the mold of those gifted individuals, but it all unravels in the end. Her status allowed her to commit various heinous acts with impunity, but it eventually proves to be her undoing.

What would happen to geniuses who didn't play by the rules or lacked the right connections or marketability? The unwritten, unspoken rules that everyone seems to know present an enigma. Should we covet someone who treats others abhorrently or aspire to emulate someone who ruins lives for personal gain? Unless we're already monsters, why would we want to become one? I appreciate the notion that art and its value are independent of how we perceive it or how we choose to contribute to it. The adage, "never meet your idols," captures this sentiment aptly, though it's challenging to resist the allure of those who've had a profound impact on our lives and the world around us.

Create your art in alignment with your beliefs and don't fret about the rest since it's all likely hogwash. While some may earn more than they deserve for their artistic endeavors, others go unpaid. TikTok and white yoga instructors have served as recent reminders of this disparity. The geniuses of yesteryear weren't necessarily who we thought they were, and those of tomorrow, in all domains, ought to be more authentic, genuine, and attuned to the human experience, inclusive of women, people of color, and minorities in all sectors that have excluded, ridiculed, and stolen from them for too long.


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