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About Fatima, Founder of TGSM

Writer & Diversity Consultant, Full-Time Dreamer, constantly striving to create positive change through storytelling and education. Fatima - @fatijaoui

About Fatima, Founder TGSM
About Fatima, Founder TGSM

My name is Fatima Moudjaoui, a graduate from Sciences Po Paris (IEP) in political science and communication and Journalism Connected from Örebro University. With extensive experience in diverse countries, including France, Canada, Mexico, and Sweden, I bring a unique perspective and understanding of various cultures, customs and communication styles.

The Grey Space of Mind (TGSM) is the space where all of the parts that make me who I am meet and thrive. This creative initiative answers a need for different stories to be told, a need for diversity and inclusion to finally thrive in our societies, and finally a need for a community of creatives to come together.

My first mission is to allow my creative self to take over. As a writer, I publish fiction and non fiction on TGSM. I also share my opinion of diversity and inclusion issues and how we can try to solve those issues. It is my policy to let the door open for other creatives to come and share their work. If you want to join TGSM, please do not hesitate to write us.

My Professional Journey

My career has encompassed working with ad agencies, industrial firms, government bodies, and a tech company, making me a specialist in corporate and internal communications.

I have successfully managed digital projects, including website redesigns, SEO optimization, and the creation of international intranet platforms.

Expertise in Social Media and Community Management

My proficiency in social media management has driven impactful B2B and B2C campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I have also conducted training sessions on web writing, community management, and communication strategies, sharing my knowledge to empower others.

Fostering Press Relations and Storytelling

Building strong relationships with the press and organizing events like conferences and seminars have been pivotal aspects of my career. I have developed compelling editorial and content strategies, highlighting company culture, values, mission, and purpose.

Embracing a Global Perspective

My fluency in English and Spanish, coupled with a deep appreciation for diverse cultures, has enabled seamless collaboration with colleagues worldwide. I have been actively assisting startups with website content and social media approaches to help them achieve their goals.

The Grey Space of Mind

My journey as a Writer & a Consultant has been driven by a passion for transformative storytelling. The stories your organization tells are far more powerful than you realize and they do have a real impact. I am committed to empowering employees and organizations to reach new heights by addressing the challenges they have, as well as reframing their narrative by shaping a better one for themselves. You will be able to offer a safe place for your employees and a new way of looking at diversity, inclusion and mental health at work. My requirement is to be able to conduct proper staff interviews in group or individually so I can get a real sense of the company dynamic, culture and vision.

Individual sessions

We can work together during one to one sessions or small groups where we can explore your creativity and blockages you are experience during your creative recovery. One of my mission is to help individuals be authentically themselves through creativity. I strongly believe that creativity is a powerful tool to help all of us reassess our life entirely.


If you are interested by my background and my area of expertise, we can definitely work together. I am open to new ideas and creative ways my knowledge can be of use to you. So, for instance you need a deep dive that can take the form of reports and research, I am open to discuss and potentially collaborate with you.

Let's talk!

To discuss how we can collaborate or to learn more about my services, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to connecting with you and embarking on a journey of impactful creativity together. Let's shape a brighter and more inclusive future through the power of words and meaningful conversations.


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